Jaya House River Park

Tree planting initiative

Jaya House Hotel in Siem Reap supports “Trees for life” which is planting thousands of trees to improve the lives of communities living in hot and dusty environments.


Many communities in Siem Reap province are living on desolate land and streets with little or no vegetation. Research shows that planting trees improves people’s well being and the environment as a whole.


By planting semi-mature trees that are fast growing, maintaining them and watering them during the dry season, we are bringing nature back to barren lands and streets in Siem Reap province. Working together with disadvantaged communities, we identify the areas most in need of shade.

Environmental benefits from trees

Based on our assessments, we create a planting plan andover see the planting and upkeep of these trees to ensure their successful growth. Our selected endemic tree species can reach a height of 6 meters within just four years of being planted.


Since 2017 we have planted countless trees, improving the environment, preventing erosion and aiding our planet in combating the effects of global warming.


• USD1,250.00 for 25 semi-mature trees
• USD2,500.00 for 50 semi-mature trees·        
• Or any other amount


Identify areas that need shade Select the right type of semi- mature fast-growing tree for maximum benefits
• Create a planting plan and plant the new trees
• Work with community members to water and care for the trees in the area


About CRST

Breaking the poverty cycle through education is the fastest way to help people all over the world out of poverty - by teaching them how to fish, rather than just giving them fish.

CRST is developing Cambodia's future leaders.
What we do

Since 2011, Cambodia Rural Students Trust has been giving people a hand up rather than a hand out, as we sponsor bright students from poor, rural families, to study at the best high school and university in Siem Reap, and empower them to become Cambodia's future leaders.

What  makes  us unique?

The NGO is managed on the ground in Cambodia by our seniors students, who are mentored in managing the organization as well as the 7 social enterprise Projects which address community needs.

All students contribute back to the community with daily volunteer activities. The entire NGO student family also volunteers once a month on a rural community project.

Thanks to the support of a generous private benefactor, all administrative expenses of the non- profit organization are covered, ensuring that 100% of the funds raised are utilized for educational and community projects.

About Jaya House Hotels

Peacefully located alongside the Siem Reap River, surrounded by fully grown trees, is a hidden gem. A small hotel with only 36rooms, two swimming pools, a Spa and an all-day-dining restaurant. The hotel is located about a 6-minute tuk-tuk journey from town in the direction of the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat. Each of our 36 rooms has either a balcony or direct garden & pool access.