With the 'Ecole Francais Extreme Orient', the 'Enkosa Pagoda', and the 'Angkor Conservation Authority' as our neighbours, a very definitive sense of heritage and culture surrounds our property. Nearby are the Angkor World Heritage sites, national museum, and the hustle and bustle of Siem Reap city centre just minutes away.

Pricing and details

One Day

A one-day experience with a local guide. Explore temples, the jungle, and discover the mystery and beauty of Cambodia!

One Day

If the weather is cool, a great way to visit the temples is to bicycle, a Remork, Jeep or a private car are all options to explore. One of the great wonders of the world at a methodical pace without you suffering from ‘temple overload

One Day

We kayak beneath the semi-flooded trees that are home to South East Asia’s largest fresh waterbird colony and paddle through the floating village of Prek-Toal.

Two Day

An authentic 2-day experience with a local guide giving visitors a chance to explore temples, stroll through the jungle, take a step back in time, and take a 3-course cooking class with friends!

Three  Day

A 3-day experience with a local guide. Immerse yourself in Cambodian culture, discover temples, explore the local community and journey to the small but beautiful temple of Banteay Samre, a fantastic temple often missed by the crowds.